Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting February 11 2003

<quote who="Daniel Veillard">

>   Jeff feels there is a lack of documentation which blocks releasing the
>   current code. He should have more time now to work on it and will try
>   to get the new site on by March 1st.

This was listed as March 7th in the actions -> I posted to the board after
the meeting having found out that I'd be moving on the last weekend of
February, and thought it would be sensible to add a week dude to packing and
moving, etc. Just to clarify. :-)

- Jeff

    "Orphaned farm-boy hero helps save world against bad-guys, begins a     
   journey of self-discovery, and makes interesting friends. Passable." -   
                        Andrew Bennetts on Star Wars                        

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