Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting April 22 2003

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting April 22 2003


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Miguel de Icaza
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    Jonathan Blandford
    Tim Ney
    Jody Goldberg
    Glynn Foster
    Jeff Waugh
    James Henstridge
    Bill Haneman (15:)


    Jim Gettys
    Luis Villa

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Glynn to publish a Newsletter
      => Glynn made some progress, but not yet in a publishable state,
         he got some help and expect 2 articles next week. Seems Tim and
	 Nat worked on it too. Ongoing.
	 Turned into an agenda item

  ACTION: Bill to double check Sun's Advisory Board member.
      => Done

  ACTION: Jim to get the web site up for the Vera fonts
     => Done

  ACTION: Tim to post the housing situation to the lists.
     => Done

  ACTION: Glynn will update the accomodation web page.
     => Done


  ACTION : Tim/Jonathan Create spreadsheet outline for funding
	- baseline needs
	- target goals above that
	- known income
        => This is pending GUADEC and renewal of the Advisory Board revenue.

  ACTION: Tim to prepare the logistics for the Advisory Board meeting
      => It will be on the 19th June after GUADEC, ongoing ..

  ACTION: DV to recontact the LinuxDesktop Consortium and act as liaison
      => pending

  ACTION: Jeff to upload his web site current state to CVS and install
          it on beta.gnome.org March 12
      => still pending, guadec.org is using part of the new infrastructure,
         maybe this can be deployed in a couple of weeks.

  ACTION: Jim to followup on new or extensions of the existing fonts
     => pending

  ACTION: DV to followup on list about last meeting minute part about
          Tim's management
     => still todo
New Actions:

  ACTION: Jonathan to get an announce for the tutorial on the gtk list

  ACTION: Jeff to write something for the newsletter.


- Approval for minutes of last meeting
- Financial report from Tim.
  Got Sun and Ximian advisory board fees.

- Status/goals report from Tim.
  Housing issues for GUADEC
     there are no rooms at Trinity for June 13th
     or 19th

  Worked on schedule and sponsorships for GUADEC
  No earlybird bookings for tutorials; need an artist to create graphic
  for tutorial banner to run on-line in May.
  The book about GNOME2 situation, discussing Licence options, pointing
  at Havoc's book as a previous example. Nat knows someone who might be
  interested into doing the translation.

- Newsletter.
  It needs some articles, we don't really need new content but rather explain
  where we are now.
  Publication deadline: 5th of May

- GUADEC - status/any actions?

  Free registration is available on-line:

  We need to raise awareness about the tutorials

  Keynotes by Alan Kay (HP) and Curtis Sasaki (Sun) have been confirmed.

  More government officials are attending User Day this year.

  Real Networks is a new corporate participant.

  Trinity has not finalized use of the network
  Guaranteed availability of network access should be a requirement
  for selecting the location in the future. Getting a local support group
  and support from the local host should be prerequesites to selecting
  the location too.

- Advisory board meeting - preparation/discussion.
  Nat will work on the schedule for the meeting
  Member companies are invited to make a presentation.


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