Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting October 8 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting October 8 2002


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Jim Gettys
    James Henstridge
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    Havoc Pennington
    Miguel de Icaza
    Federico Mena
    Telsa Gwynne
    Jonathan Blandford
    George Lebl
    Tim Ney


    Jody Goldberg

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Tim to then do fund raising for the CVS box
        => Done since Jim took care of that


  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
	=> Jim reported progresses with a well-known font maker,
	   Jim wait from feedback from the lawyers
  Jim also reported that we will also get a machine from HP for 
  improving the CVS server which is currently saturated.

  ACTION: Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunnelling for GNOME CVS access
        => Jonathan will try to get this scheduled with Owen, pending
	   This should be on the plan for the new machine

  ACTION: Jody volunteer for working on producing a first
       draft of ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases, get involvement from
       someone at Sun, and make sure the draft get some review.
	=> Worked on it but not finished yet

  ACTION: Tim looking at structuring tutorials, need to send a call for speakers
	=> Tim worked on this with Guadec 3, pending

  ACTION: Jonathan to work with Louie to put the organisation chart on the
          web site.
        => Louie was out of town, it should be done soon.

New Actions:

  ACTION: Tim and Federico to produce a balance sheet for last fiscal year.

  ACTION: Nat write down a draft for the foundation acceptance guideline
          the  schedule a meeting by Friday if possible with people from
	  the election committee.


  We started late due to phone conference set-up issues and extended the call
  past the hour to make room for the discussion on the membership criteria.

  - approve last meeting minutes:

  - accountability of the foundation:
    Tim is preparing a balance sheet for the fiscal year which ended                September 30th.  Federico will help. We are current in filings for              incorporation and tax-exempt status. An accountant will prepare the             annual federal form 990, due in 2003.

  - the election committee situation:
     The mails on foundation-list seems to indicate some people would like
     to make it more inclusive. It's difficult to evaluate how much people
     contributed, and doing a rigid check can hurt people too.
     Membership gives the right to vote and an affiliation to the
     Foundation body.

     The board discussed the pros and cons of being inclusive vs. exclusive
     and whether having contributed in the past really give the rights to
     be part of the foundation.

     Is a (significant) contribution enough for a "membership for life"
     was the main question people were arguing about.

     Nat take the action to try to get a draft written down that we
     can discuss with the election committee this week.


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