Re: 2 ideas for foundation membership

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 21:22, Adrian Custer wrote:

> II. Use of references:
> ---------------------
> A second suggestion is that the membership committee, before rejecting
> an application, use the names of the people presented as references. (I
> don't know to what extent this was done in the last process but for my
> personal case clearly was not.) Some cases will always fall on the
> borderline. Where such cases include names of references, I would expect
> that these references be contacted with a short email and asked for a
> short reply. i.e.

This was certainly a tool which was used whilst I was on the committe,
but not for every case. Some cases were so clearly OK (supported by a
great deal of CVS commits for example) or clearly not OK (incomplete
information, no connection to GNOME at all), that to use references
would be simply time-consuming and annoying.

A couple of other things - its worth remembering that the committee is
dealing with 300+ renewals. Most are very straightforward, but some are
not so. Secondly, an awful lot of people use the same referrees - using
them in every case is going to fill up an inbox or two :)


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