Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

On 30 Nov 2002, Murray Cumming wrote:

> Also, I don't know why the gnome-release-team archives are private. Note
> that gnome-private isn't an issue because there' no traffic on it.

I think the release team list archives are private to the members of the
release team for the same reason they were thus for 1.4 and 2.0 release
teams - so you have a place where to send agenda items, drafts of minutes
(so people can correct it -> "I was present too!", "no, that AI was
closed", "did I really say it was eaten by my evolution/dog/blob of chaos?
no, please don't put that in the minutes", etc) and have the occasional
pre-confcall discussion / consensus building. 

I very much doubt it would be an interesting read for the general public
in any case. In fact, unless the weekly minutes are inyour top 10 reading
list, you probably wouldn't bother to read the archives anyways.

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