Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

<quote who="Murray Cumming">

> > Cool. I hope there'll be some consolidation of the bindings lists
> > (languages vs. libraries, etc).
> I'm not aware of any problems at the moment. Surely there aren't any
> language-specific lists that aren't for discussion of specific bindings
> libraries?

There's just a few random tiny mailing lists like orbit-perl-list, etc.

> > Could the desc. be changed to: "GTK+/GNOME language bindings development
> > discussion"? Happy to do it if you/James are happy with the change.
> The current description doesn't seem too bad, though maybe it's too
> long:

Sorry, this would be for the one-liner short description, shown on the
mailing lists summary page. That's where people generally decide to post or
subscribe, so the summaries need to be as accurate as possible.

- Jeff

   "They are, as I told Telsa, all very small cheques. Indeed our cheques   
   only come in one size, otherwise cheque books would be far too hard to   
                          manufacture." - Alan Cox                          

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