Re: Issues cooperation

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 00:41, Leslie Proctor wrote:
> > Richard Stallman wrote:
> > 
> > > * Mentioning the connection with GNU prominently
> > in GNOME publicity.
> For the record - mention of the relationship has been
> part of the boilerplate (in other words, part of the
> standard press materials) for better than two years
> now.  So, I think we can count this item as being
> done.

The connection has also been highlighted in GNOME press releases by
including quotations on the quote sheets, such as this one in the 2.0

Free Software Foundation
"GNOME, the GNU graphical desktop, is a Free Software project par
excellence.  It was started in 1997, as part of the GNU Project,
specifically to ensure that free software operating systems (free as in
freedom) would have a free software desktop," said Richard Stallman,
president of the Free Software Foundation.  "At the time, KDE was
unusable in a free system because it depended on a non-free GUI
toolkit.  Thanks to GNOME, this problem is a thing of the past--GNOME is
free, and because of our determination to make a free alternative, today
KDE is also entirely based on free software."


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