Re: Issues cooperation

Hi Richard,

	Well, I have always admired you from a long distance in the past.
	However, as I read many of the discussions going on which really
	sadden me ;(.
	From two commanding statements below, I feel that really you are
	the BIG DADDY, no one should do anythig without telling you first,
	sigh... which I think really either stiffle the creativity or you
	becoming the bottle-neck when hundreds of developers are waiting
	for you (so to speak) to make their final decisions?
> Using Docbook as a standard instead of Texinfo is one example of
> divergence on standards.  GNOME developers did not discuss this issue
> with me or even tell me that they were going to disregard a
> long-established GNU standard--I found out only by accident.  I
> proposed a compromise to resolve the divergence, that using Docbook
> for the source is ok if it can be converted automatically into a good
> Texinfo file.
> Just recently I heard that GNOME is telling people to use a program
> called popt instead of GNU getopt; whether that raises any real issue,
> I don't know yet, but I hope we can have discussions before such
> decisions in the future.


Ghee Teo

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