Re: Director's report

Hey there,

> Out of curiosity - why has the timeframe moved to two months later in the 
> year ?

The problem was finding an appropriate venue for the conference at a
relatively cheap price, especially at a rather late stage. We've spent a
large amount of time getting in touch with other conferencing facilities
- including many other universities. The reality is that it is proving
almost 3 times as expensive than the previous two years.

When we approached Trinity College Dublin, a couple of months ago,
looking for a venue for April they replied that there was exams and
lectures during that time, and that there was no way they could
accomodate us. They could only accomodate us outside term time
[June-September] and have offerered up extensive accomodation on campus
if desired.

We tried other venues but they proved not to be terribly suitable.
Unfortunately, the Special Olympics are coming to Ireland in the summer
of 2003, so we're working against difficult timeframes.

The GUADEC planning committee are having a conference call on Thursday
[ie. tommorrow] to discuss all these issues. If you have anything to
bring up, please email guadec-planning gnome org 

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

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