Re: 11 Questions to answer

ons 2002-11-06 klockan 21.18 skrev Mike Newman:
> and multimedia lists. My participation is limited, but I chip in where
> possible. I'm often on IRC (as MikeGTN), and was for some time very
> active in #gnome-help. Sadly, this channel seems to be all but abandoned
> of late. When new users began to appear via Ximian's #monkeytalk
> channel, I spent a great deal of time there assisting users. I read and
> post to the foundation lists.

#gnome-help was abondened for some time but janne has been doing an
incredible amount of work helping users out on that channel this year.
There are also others that have contributed with help in large amounts.
So it's far from dead right now, but there is still help needed, since
janne and the rest need to sleep at some time of the day... Anyway,
thanks to all past, present and future helpers!


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