Re: why not ?

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:
> As today is the last day for the candidacy announcements (about 13 hours
> and a bit left), I thought I'd ask a simple question to the current
> members of the board that didn't choose to renew their mandate.

I am just swamped in stuff to do, and I feel like there are lots of
people (such as yourself) who would be more effective board members
than I am. Plus I'm a bit burnt out after a couple years and need a

> And for those who would send in their candidacies, but didn't, maybe
> I'll get to tip over the balance by saying that the work for the
> Foundation board is only an hour of work every 2 weeks, plus the
> (usually small) amount of work you're given.

Indeed, it's not a huge commitment, though it does involve some time
(and could involve as much as you're interested in giving...). It's
certainly important to have good people on the board.

> Waiting for the answers, and a lot of new candidacy announcements :)

I hope lots of people will announce; we have a lot of contributors who
would be excellent on the board.


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