Re: Draining the Swamp: A Technical User's Experience

> [1] For example, have you heard about Apple's ZeroConf initiative?
> This is a setup where computers connected on a private LAN that's not
> on the global Internet will automatically form their own private
> network with hostnames and everything, and publish their services. If
> you have ever been at a conference desperately trying to copy a file
> from one laptop to another with nothing to use but a crossover cable,
> you'll understand how much better this is than the current Linux
> approach to the problem. :-)

Unfortunately it seems to have the usual "and while we were at it we
US patented all sorts of prior art" problem. UPnP is also worth looking at
for people interested in that. Its somewhat overweight but it views the
bigger picture and is intended so even your fridge and microwave can join in

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