Re: Minutes of Foundation meeting: 2002-05-02

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 03:50, Nat Friedman wrote:

> > >     * Boston event:
> > I want to go there so I need to know the final dates (I suppose that if
> > you have the rooms reserved, those are the final ones...). Could I start
> > to see plane tickets and hostels reservation? or should I wait ?
> > 
> > I will come from Spain so as soon as I see it as cheap it will be...
> You may have since seen the announcement, but yes, these are the final
> dates. 

This is an egregious lie.  The dates are actually the 18th, 19th and
20th, not 17-20 as the previous minutes stated.  The conference will not
be held on the 17th.  This probably doesn't affect your travel much, but
I though I'd clarify.

The dates on the web page are canonical and correct...


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