Re: Documenting Gnome apps with the GPL

    Actually, ever package that has GFDL covered docs contains a copy of the
    GFDL, but only in a plain text file named COPYING-DOCS.  The actual
    documentation generally links to the provided DocBook copy of the GFDL,
    and mentions that you received a copy of the GFDL in plain text format,
    in the file named COPYING-DOCS.  I'm pretty sure that this covers the
    requirements of the GFDL.

The GFDL says that License has to be "reproduced in all copies".
Those arrangements don't quite do the job.  However, if you replace
that plain text file COPYING-DOCS with the DocBook copy, and arrange
for it to be "in" the copies of the manuals (by using an include
command), that will do the job.

This change is not just a legal technicality--it really will make it
less likely that the document will get separated accidentally from its
license.  (The sources would not format properly if the license file
is missing.)

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