Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting February 12 2002

> It might also be useful to organize a specific joint project,
> something that would improve the coherence of a GNU/Linux system
> which uses parts of both GNOME and KDE.  The idea that occurred to me
> was to work on unifying theme definitions, so that a user can define
> a theme just once and have it work with both GNOME and KDE.  Perhaps
> others will have a better suggestion.

I checked out the wxwindows project (a toolkit which wrapps other toolkits such as gtk+ and motif) recently and noticed on the "Ongoing Projects" that there was a wxQT-project. The description is:

"Port of wxWindows 2 to the
Qt toolkit. The idea is to
partly unify the KDE and
GNOME camps who
currently use Qt and GTK
toolkits respectively. With
wxQt and wxGTK,
developers will be able to
write for both desktops
simultaneously, plus any
other platforms supported by

To bad the status of the project is "Investigation stalled", but perhaps it could be a different approach to unify the desktops? Atleast it gives the third-party developers a chance to support both instead of having to choose one platform.

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