Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting February 12 2002

    While inviting OpenOffice, KDE and CUPS are nice empty political

They may be gestures, but they are not empty--an invitation to
cooperate can lead to real cooperation.

When Qt was non-free, KDE was a danger to the community, and we had to
attack it to make people aware of the threat so we could overcome it.
We succeeded; Qt is free software now and KDE is no longer a problem.
The ill feelings that linger between GNOME developers and KDE
developers are not good for the community, and it is very useful
to help calm the antagonism.

It might also be useful to organize a specific joint project,
something that would improve the coherence of a GNU/Linux system
which uses parts of both GNOME and KDE.  The idea that occurred to me
was to work on unifying theme definitions, so that a user can define
a theme just once and have it work with both GNOME and KDE.  Perhaps
others will have a better suggestion.

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