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On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 08:51:39PM +1100, Jeff Waugh was heard to remark:
> 'tag alles,
> Crazy request #283... Um, can we try and find out the average age of
> foundation members? Or GNOME hackers? I think it would be fairly intriguing.

Recently took a survey of vistors to the GnuCash web site, where, among 
other things, I asked about age, sex, education level, etc.  Take a look 

and scroll to very bottom for the general data.

The result is somewhat biased, since these are people curious enough to 
find and visit the gnucash web site.  Still, in some way, they can be
argued to be 'average gnome desktop users':

95% male
almost 50% ar 26-36 years old
over 25% are 25 or under
90% have college (university) degree
70% are highly technical (50% are programmers, 20% are scientists/engineers)

More than anything else, the 70% figure disturbed me.  Only 1.3%
classified themselves as "ordinary computer users".  This is way, way
off the norm, and bodes poorly for the Linux desktop if its
representative of the 'average user'.  I'd like to see the same stats
for a 'typical purchaser of a redhat shrink-wrap box'.

> Often I find out that someone is far, far younger or older than I had
> imagined - always surprising.

I just turned 42.


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