Re: Questions

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Richard Stallman wrote:

>     We need to keep chipping away at the dam, not painting slogans on it.
> Painting slogans doesn't affect the dam directly, but it is the way to
> convince more people to attack it.  Indirectly, it does a vital job.
> To succeed, we have to do both.  If all we did were talk about
> political issues and not write software, we would get nowhere.  But if
> we did not talk about political issues, we would lose track of the
> goal--we would get somewhere, but not there.

What if there isn't a 'political goal'? In that case we would not arrive
at 'there' but 'pseudo-there' which might not resemble the place we wanted
to go to at all. Thus the existence of the political goal shoul dfirst be
firmly established.


"I don't think there is intelligent life within our solar system"
	-- Brian Behlendorf

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