Re: RMS candidacy (was: Re: 10 Questions for All Candidates)

So what. Are you going to disrepect democracy for the sake that RMS is not
popular? If he is not popular he will just not get voted for. If he is so
be it. Stop being afraid. If RMS takes too much place, it is anyway the role
of the rest of the board to put him away. While I understand and agree
on the fact that he is not diplomatic, my experience shows me that he had
always listened when I had that guts to insist and shows him he was wrong.
It is understandable that not a lot of people are feeling conformtable with
this, but that is their problem. If you have the right to exist (which is the
case for everyone) go ahead, please exist. But please don't stop somebody
else to exist because you are afraid of him.

Abolissons la propriété intellectuelle! - Abolish Intellectual Property !

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