Re: RMS candidacy (was: Re: 10 Questions for All Candidates)

> My expectation is that most people who have tried to get things done
> with Richard in the room will not vote for him - and I think many of
> the people expressing concern have been in that position, or been
> close to someone else in that position. I could tell lots of
> anecdotes, but it seems inappropriate.

I'd have to agree. Trying to have a reasonable discussion with Richard is
hard because he simply will not drop a point. If you use the words open
source he will bitch for 20 minutes *every* time its used, he wont cough
politely or comment briefly once and accept that the other parties don't
give a flying [censored for australian archive sites].

I'm glad we have him around - he's a great thinker, and provides a point of 
absolute reference to free software but diplomat, finder of consensus and
former of consensus.. no.

(who doesn't claim to be a diplomat either 8))

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