Re: terminal servers

Deliberately quoting the entire message, for the benefit of foundation-list

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 10:45:00PM -0500, Justin Maurer wrote:
> On Mon, 2001-11-12 at 16:21, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > So getting this to work is a big deal for helping out schools.
> [slightly offtopic? raving about the frustration and headaches LTSP
> saved me :) but don't skip over the guinea pig for gnome part below]
> 	you are absolutely right, and i speak from personal experience.
> 	before i graduated high school a few months ago, our big project was
> getting K12-LTSP (which uses gnome as its desktop environment) working
> to serve our computer science lab. 
> 	i was peripherally involved in the PR campaign (i was more or less
> designated the primary technical person), but i remember it meeting
> shockingly little resistance. obviously our school district gave us the
> official "we won't do tech support for you" line, which makes some
> inkling of sense), but everyone involved was quite pleased at the
> reduced budget we requested. we were quite pleased with the massive
> hassle it saved us. at least i was, after administering the most
> error-prone lab on earth :) after some initial overhead costs to buy
> about 30 cheap clients and a big server, we had a cheap lab that worked
> a hundred times better than anything before. end result: they save
> money, we save sanity.
> 	we were not the first school to do this, another reason we met with
> little resistance. paul nelson, a guy in oregon who does the k12-ltsp
> stuff helps people set these labs up all over the country, and provides
> anecdotal success stories, both from himself, and people he's helped.
> 	i no longer attend the school, but there is absolutely no doubt in my
> mind that the guy in charge there now (technically and politically)
> would absolutely leap at the chance to be used as a guinea pig, for any
> purpose the gnome project would ask (again, technically or politically).
> 	last i checked, the _business_ computer lab was going to be upgraded to
> the same system :)
> -justin

Is there any current effort to promote this sort of thing centrally?  I know
next to nothing about PR, but isn't this the sort of thing (along with the
"guy in Oregon" that Justin mentions) that we should be making noises
about from the foundation?

Maybe the board nominees can comment further :)

- Dick

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