Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 15 May 2001

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 15 May 2001


    We started late at :15 due to phone bridges problem

    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Raph Levien
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Dan Mueth        (->:35)
    Owen Taylor
    Bart Decrem
    Maciej Stachowiak 
    Jim Gettys
    Miguel de Icaza

    Sander Vesik
    Martin Baulig


    John Heard              


   - mostly discussions, Martin and Sanders were invited to discuss
     launching the Gnome-2.0 project


  ACTION: Havoc send the AB list to the board looking for completion
          of the member liasons.
     => still pending

  ACTION: John try to get a Copyright assigment form and procedure for the
          GNOME Foundation

  ACTION: Havoc take the action to send a mail on Gnotice about fostering
          the GNOME-2.0 work


 - Gnome 2.0

  We have a preliminary Gnome 2.0 schedule.
  We have 12 weeks left before the freeze and people should switch
  to do 2.0 development
  Seems one of the problems is to get the source tree to build the usual way
  (seems _vicious_ scripts allow to build them).
  Miguel can commit people to work on 2.0

  Get people to stand up to join the Team, there is a few position still open:
     - PR
     - UI coordinator

  but those may be a bit less urgent.

  Getting a tinderbox installed. We need a machine and a maintainer.
  Jim may provide some profiling tools running on Alpha.
  Stability sounds more important than performances for the moment.

 - Advisory board liaison

   => by mail

 - Eazel is closing
   This is sad, but ...
   The project will continue to be maintained by Darin and Andy
   The Nautilus resources will be maintained (bugzilla tinderbox ...)


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