RE: Proposed Memebership Guidlines

HI Dan,

There was a proposal to the Evolution list a long time ago (nearly year and
a half ago?) proposing something similar.  Currently Gnome (nor other Free
software) does not actively solicit user feedback, thus we get input from
only a small percentage of users.

Additionally there was the 'Feature Request' solicitation (which Duncan Mak
has restarted doing), for gathering (and refining the details of) feature
requests on the list - which ended up generating a number of high quality
and innovative ideas.

(I think I also volunteered to do the same for Nautilus, but at the time it
was viewed as to early in the development so I didn't proceed with it.)

I'll try and find my proposal for the feature request/solicitation/voting if
you're interested, (I'm guessing it was actually what sparked your thought
on it since you were following the Evolution list at the time...)

Here was one of the earliest versions of it...

I know I posted/emailed a better version of it at a later date, but I can't
seem to find it.

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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