Minutes of the GF Board Meeting (July 24, 2001)

        Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board Meeting (July 24, 2001)

    Havoc Pennington (chair)
    Federico Mena Quintero
    John Heard
    Dan Mueth (minutes)
    Raph Levien
    Owen Taylor
    Martin [joined as guest from :15 to :35]

    Miguel de Icaza
    Bart Decrem
    Jim Gettys
    Daniel Veillard

    Maciej Stachowiak


Finshed Actions:
  ACTION: Havoc to invite Sander and Martin to Board Meeting
   => DONE


  ACTION: Dan to work with Membership Committee to re-open the
          membership list.
   => Almost done.  Still need to send out announcements.

  ACTION: Havoc to send the Advisory Board list to the Board,
          looking for completion of the member liason.
   => Waiting for update from the director.

  ACTION: John to try to get a copyright assignment form and procedure
          for the GNOME Foundation.
   => Still pending.  Waiting on RMS to send material.

  ACTION: Maciej to email the Board the current draft of the platform
          license policy for review.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Federico to post the new version of the email/CVS/shell
          account policy.
   => Still pending.

New Actions:

  ACTION: Havoc to email Sander to see if he has a suggestion for
          a replacement release coordinator.

  ACTION: Martin to write up a list of API issues and status report
          for GNOME 2.0.

  ACTION: Havoc to push through employment agreement for executive

  ACTION: Havoc to email Leila about press release changes and status.

  ACTION: Havoc, Owen, and John to discuss a possible accessibility
          kit release with the accessibility team.


 - approved last week's minutes and actions

 - GNOME 2.0 coordinators:
   Martin is stepping down as GNOME 2.0 coordinator because
   school is starting to demand a lot more of his time.  He
   wants to still work on GNOME 2.0, but doesn't feel that
   he will have enough free time to do as much coordination
   as this role requires.
   Martin will hack until Sept 15 and then have vacation.

 - GNOME 2.0 status:
   Most API's should freeze in 1 week.
   Development is picking up.
   We should encourage people to start porting packages and testing
   the platform.
   Parallel builds aren't completely working yet with the vicious
   build scripts.

 - Executive director:
   We have a draft employment agreement which we need to finalize
   and then sign.  As soon as we do this, we will make a
   formal announcement.

 - Accessibility Press Release:
   We want to gain the attention of people in the accessibility world,
   and make them aware that we are working on an accessibility
   framework they will be able to use in the future.
   We want to emphasize that things are still in a development state.
   There is a concern that we don't want to have a press release for
   unstable software which is only in CVS.
   It would be better if we could release a development kit with
   a couple demo applications.
   Havoc, Owen, and John will discuss the possible development kit
   with the accessibility team.

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