Re: Proposed Membership Guidelines

I'm assuming that replies should be headed for both lists.

On 04 Jan 2001 13:23:10 -0500, Russell Steinthal wrote:
> Dear GNOME Foundation Members:
> The Board has asked Chris DiBona, Dan Mueth, and I to serve as the 
> Membership and Elections Committee for the upcoming year.  All three 
> -Russell
>  for the GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee
> Draft Membership Policy for the GNOME Foundation
> ------------------------------------------------
> * My application was rejected; what can I do?
> information which will lead to the approval of your application.  If 
> you are still dissatisfied with the Membership Committee's 
> determination, you may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors
> by e-mailing board gnome org 

Are these (I snipped one address, and Evolution can't undo) email
addresses already fixed and decided?  Just out of "correctness", they're
both part of the GNOME Foundation, and perhaps should be written as
"board foundation gnome org", so that it's very clear that these email
addresses deal with Foundation issues, and not GNOME technical issues.
Other than this tiny nit, I like the looks of this draft.  Thanks,


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