Component Licensing [was Re: Questions]

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 04:43:06PM -0800, George was heard to remark:
> I think with the above rationalle for licensing I suppose then that we would
> need to require only in-proc platform components to be LGPLed, and require
> the out-of-proc platform components just any free software license.
> This raises an issue.  Are 'panel applets' considered part of the 'platform'
> and if so should in-proc ones be LGPLed.  I don't think this makes all that
> much sense since they're mostly to use in the panel and they're not a library
> or anything.  But they are components.

As you say, maybe this is a non-issue.  I beleive they are all currently
GPL'ed.  Making them LGPL'ed would make it easier for somebody to create 
a propprietary/unusual-license panel application.  And that seems rather 
unlikely ...


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