Re: Account Policies

On Tuesday, August 21, 2001, at 02:14  PM, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

FYI, every user in the current CVS database has an email address
associated with it, as well as a Full Name (I think, haven't checked in
a while).  I don't know if or how "normal" people can get access to
this, but everyone who reads the cvsmaster gnome org mailing list has
access to get this information.

OK, I just checked, full names aren't associated with all of the CVS
accounts, just most of them.  I don't feel like hunting these people
down right now to find out who they are, so I'll leave it be.

If people included valid, working email addresses as part of their
commit message, I think that aliases for cvs users would be a
lot less useful.  I'm not sure if we can count on that or not, as I've
seen several commits lately that were made with broken email aliases.  I
guess I need to think about this one some more.

I like how sourceforge handles this, where every cvs account automatically includes a mail alias of the same name. I can't see any good reason not to do this for This could even be separate from email addresses if we want -- these could instead be email addresses.

The point isn't that insiders can contact the person who committed, but rather than anyone can get mail to the person who committed, while maintaining anonymity for that person if they desire it. I think it's part of being truly "open" about the source code -- it's important to be able to get messages to other contributors easily.

    -- Darin

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