Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 7 Aug 2001

        Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board Meeting (Aug 7, 2001)

    Havoc Pennington (chair)
    Jim Gettys
    Raph Levien
    Owen Taylor (minutes)
    Leslie Proctor  (to discuss PR issues)

    Dan Mueth
    Daniel Veillard

    Maciej Stachowiak
    John Heard


 - approved last week's minutes and actions

Finshed Actions:

  ACTION: Federico to post the new version of the email/CVS/shell
          account policy.
   => DONE (see below)

  ACTION: Havoc to push through employment agreement for executive
   => DONE

  ACTION: Havoc to email Leila about press release changes and status.
   => DONE

  ACTION: Havoc, Owen, and John to discuss a possible accessibility
          kit release with the accessibility team.
   => DONE

  ACTION: Martin to write up a list of API issues and status report
          for GNOME 2.0.


  ACTION: Dan to work with Membership Committee to re-open the
          membership list.
   => still pending

  ACTION: Havoc to sent the Advisory Board list to the Board,
          looking for completion of the member liason.
   => Waiting for update from the director.

  ACTION: John to try to get a copyright assignment form and procedure
          for the GNOME Foundation.
   => Still pending.  

  ACTION: Maciej to email the Board the current draft of the platform
          license policy for review.
   => Still pending.

  ACTION: Havoc to email Sander to see if he has a suggestion for
          a replacement release coordinator.
   => Havoc doesn't remember

New Actions:

  ACTION: Havoc to send Leslie ATK press release draft

  ACTION: Havoc to send mail introducing Kjartan to Leslie
    so that we can get feature list for 1.4.1 press release.

  ACTION: Owen to check details of email/shell-account/cvs policy.
  ACTION: Federico to put email/shell/cvs policy into gnome-docu
    and mail to foundation-list.

  ACTION: Dan to find someone to help out with membership committee.

  ACTION: Havoc to contact Keith Packard to find out more information
    about interop hothouse at ALS/X Techinical Conference.


  - The ATK press release for LinuxWorld. People were generally
    comfortable with it with the current modifications (less hype, 
    something to download, clear that the target is developers).

  - A press release for 1.4.1. Timing on this release is approximately 
    5-6 weeks, which works well for a press release. Need to get list 
    of enhancements to Leslie so she can draft something.

  - Email/CVS policy. Went over current provisions briefly, no 

  - Membership committee. Dan indicated that things were moving
    slowly and we might need to add someone else to the committee
    to help out.

  - Apparently there is an opportunity to have a GNOME/KDE interoperability
    hothouse at the X Technical conference/ALS. Rooms and network
    connections are available, but someone would have to organize,
    make sure that the right people showed up, etc.

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