Re: RFP policy

Stephen Browne <Stephen Browne sun com> writes:
> I just wanted to add that I agree that some kind of process like this 
> could be valuable, however since there has been next to no response to
> Havoc's proposal since he sent it out, I'm thinking Hackers really don't
> want this.

I think we may need some examples before anyone has too strong an
opinion. I want to run a couple of GTK 2.2 plans through this thing,
and see how it goes.
> Is this all just going to /dev/null or is anyone going to comment on the
> proposal?

We did have a lot of comments when the reason for the proposal was
fresh in people's mind. ;-) But now we are in denial mode, "maybe we
won't need this again" ;-)

If we do a couple trial runs, I think that's the best way to move


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