Re: Minutes of the GNOME Advisory Board Meeting April 5 2001

Daniel Veillard wrote:
> 3:30 Practicalities:
> --------------------
>    - CDE Transition:
>      need tool to transition user configuration
>      ACTION: Rob send Stormy

I'm not sure whether this is known to most [probably not since
we are having problems setting up a website for this type of 
information] but Stephen Browne and myself are working on 
this aspect. We're primarily working on a set of desktop 
transition tools [key and mouse bindings, menus, focus behaviour,
panel items, recreation of session] for CDE to GNOME.
As a seperate project, we are also looking at making the transition 
between mailer and addressbook [ie. dtmail, sdtname] to Evolution 
much more comfortable for the end user.

But perhaps I haven't understood the bullet point, and I'm talking 
about something completely different altogether.

		Glynn ;)

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