Re: the slate issue

    Maciej> I wasn't going to do any more campaigning about this, but
    Maciej> I wanted to throw out one more thought. The United States
    Maciej> used to elect the President and Vice President separately;
    Maciej> the top vote getter and the second vote getter in the
    Maciej> presidential election used to be declared president and
    Maciej> vice-president. Now, even though the VP is next in line to
    Maciej> be president if the president becomes incapacited, the two
    Maciej> get elected as a team. So the person second-favored to be
    Maciej> president

In that case, why not just elect a GNOME president and have this
president choose assistants?

I say we should get a good diverse board without slates.  Some people
I would like to see on the board might not be clique-ish with the big
names for slates, but they might still work well together and
represent important aspects of gnome, like documentation and

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