Re: GNOME Foundation elections!

* Damon Chaplin (damon helixcode com) wrote at 23:16 on 27/09/00:
> Bart Decrem wrote:
> > One specific response: I think it would be totally OK for people to appear
> > on multiple slates, but people listed on slates should be able to remove
> > themselves from that slate.  If there's 5 slates, I can imagine that all
> > of them may wish to include Miguel, and I would kind of assume that he
> > would be OK with being on those slates, but might want to reserve the
> > right to remove himself from any specific slate with which he doesn't want
> > to be associated.
> This is the worrying thing.
> What if a few powerful people/companies get together, decide the slate they
> want between them, and take their names off all other slates?

I think you have a point with this. 

I would MUCH rather like people to say 'I am willing to be on the board' and
then /ANYONE/ can propose a slate with them on it.

Theoretically, what you could do is have everyone who wants to be on the board
say "I want to be on the board" then people would vote for /any/ combination
of these people (i.e. some slates would obviously have '0' votes). 

This way you don't even need to 'create' slates - They would be auto-created
in a sense by the number of people 'willing' to be on the board. And the
people would pick from them at vote time. I do not like this idea though cos
you'll have way too many slates to choose from and theoretically a slate with
a low number of votes (but a majority) could get elected.

Going back, I like Damon's idea that people should 'volunteer' themselves for
the board and then ANYBODY (from the membership list) can propose a slate
based on this list.


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