Re: GNOME Foundation paperwork

Robert Humphreys <rob collab net> writes:

> Correct - I am submitting Bart's edited version to use as the Mission
> Statement. I think your correct in recalling that an initial board is needed
> for incorporation - I will double-check. In any event, hopefully we will have
> settled on the make-up of the slates and have elections to elect the board by
> the time the paperwork has worked its way through the system and we are ready
> to incorporate, etc.

What someone said before (correct me if I'm wrong) is that we need an
interim board to even file the paperwork, and that this board would
just immediately appoint the elected board as soon as we have
elections. I also remember someone saying that we couldn't have
elections that are legally binding in any way until _after_ we've
incorporated and adopted bylaws.

 - Maciej

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