Re: GNOME Foundation paperwork

Robert Humphreys <rob collab net> writes:

> Hi all,
> wanted to give you a quick update. Met with John Heard yesterday and we
> will begin the process of engaging the attorneys and start filing the
> paper work to establish the GNOME Foundation as a legal entity -
> specifically as a non-profit organization. The goal is to have all the
> paperwork completed and submitted in time to establish the Foundation by
> end of this year.
> I also wanted to solicit feedback on the idea of using Nat's "manifesto"
> as a "mission statement" or addendum, etc.

Bart already wrote a shorter piece of text to use as a mission
statement. We should use that. Please make sure to keep everyone in
the loop and let us know exactly what you are going to file before you
do so.

Also, I have some vague recollection that we'll need an initial board
of some sort to incorporate the Foundation. Is that still the case?

 - Maciej

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