RE: Low voter registration and candidate bias

Hi Bart,

I think I was somehow under a rock this past month and didn't realize it

Was working crazy hours, and didn't notice I wasn't checking news sources,
etc. as much as I typically do and had timing such that missed all but two
announcements...   So my apologize for my criticism.  I can see from the
response that I've received that it was clearly unfounded.  Thank you for
your time and response though,

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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Hi Tom,

I think that 350 is just about the number of people who are actively
in GNOME at present.  By "actively involved" I mean folks who are
code, documenting GNOME, translating it etc.  So I'm actually quite happy
the registration turnout.

The elections are not intended for GNOME users, but for those active
developers: we want the GNOME Foundation and GNOME to be controlled by the
people who are working day in day out on GNOME.   I'd love to meet anyone
actively involved with GNOME who hasn't heard about the elections by now.
received coverage on:
- tons of general purpose news media around 8/15
- Gnome-hackers, on a number of occasions
- on #gnome on IRC, I've noticed people talking about the elections for
- Gnotices (2 posts)
- Slashdot (2 posts)
- (a recent story about the elections)
- ZDNet (a story this week mentions the elections)
- Gnome-list
- Gnome-announce-list
- Foundation-list
- Foundation-announce
- and, of course, there's

I have to agree with Havoc that folks who haven't heard about these
by now don't care enough about GNOME that we want them voting.



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