Re: Low voter registration and candidate bias

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> As for corporate bias, well under half the people in membership.txt
> work at a GNOME-related company; I think there are 45 or so GNOME
> hackers at Helix, 6 or so at Red Hat, and around 15 (guessing here) at
> Eazel. Adding up everyone else at companies that employ 1-3 hackers
> and maybe you have 15 more.

Actual affiliation numbers determined by looking at the file (I
grepped, and tried to include the people I could find who registered
with non-corporate email addresses, but may have missed a few):

Eazel: 25
Helix Code: 31
Red Hat: 9
Henzai: 1
Gnumatic: 1-5*
SuSE: 2
Mandrake: 1
IBM: 1
Other: 1-4**

* (can't tell which gnucash developers are gnumatic employees)

** (rough range of people for whome I couldn't tell).

So Havoc is right that there is not much danger of the membership
being corporate controlled. There's a total of 72-79 affiliated people
from 9+ different companies (some of which are not even Advisory Board

 - Maciej

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