Re: Fixing the gnome-hackers list

Michael Meeks <michael helixcode com> writes:

> Hi,
> On 16 Oct 2000, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > This is done in half an hour and it'll also give us working archives for
> > the list.
>         The gnome-hackers list has AFAIK always been by invitation only,  
> and due to the frank, sometimes 'fighting talk' nature of the discussion  
> has not been archived publicly. I assume you propose to continue these
> attributes ?

This is much, much, much easier to do with mailman than with the current

Before we migrated to, there was a time while gnome-hackers
was archived on, but under some strange list name which
changed every few days and which only a few people knew (I posted the address
from time to time on gnome-hackers or told it some people who were on it in
IRC) - so basically we just tried to hide the archives.

With mailman, there is a configuration option which specifies who should
be able to read the archives. When you set this to private, you need your
list password to access the archives and thus only members can access them.

This also gives us much better security than just hiding the archives and
also we can very easily give all members access to the archives without
worying that they may "leak" to the outside.

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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