Candidacy (Daniel Veillard)

  Taking the risk of being just one more on an already long list
(I didn't tried to keep track :-) I will candidate too.

  Here are some of the points which I think make my candidacy relevant
considering the work expected to be done in the Gnome Foundation Board:

   - I think I know the Gnome project well, while not one of the
     earlier to join, I came in shortly after meeting the group
     during Linux Expo 98.
   - I have some experience in non-profit organizations, I co-founded
     the first French Linux User Group (Guilde), and I am a W3C 
     employee for nearly 5 years now.
   - I don't know if I am an hacker but I am definitely a coder, I am not
     a GUI expert but I designed and wrote gnome-xml (libxml), I also
     designed and maintain the rpmfind servers and client code. I hold
     a PhD in the field of operating systems and distributed computing.
   - Being currently co-chair of the XML Linking Working Group at W3C
     I think I have learnt how to try to get a group to build decisions
     by consensus, I am also used to talk to representant of large
     companies and handle coordination issues.
   - Though I try to avoid too much travels, I can talk to large
     audiences like I did in the past at Web or XML conferences.
     I also already took an important part in hosting 2 conferences
     (500-1000 visitors, Miguel probably remembers :-) I know the
     work it requires !
   - I do not work for any of the companies involved in Gnome. I am
     French (which as Michael may point is in Europe ;-), consequence
     as you may have noticed I can be stubborn and even sometime
     convince people to change their mind.

  Now assuming I am elected, here are some of the things I will pay a
special attention to while acting in the Board:

   - Reuse and respect of standards, not surprizing considering my
     job. I think interoperability and open formats are keys to Gnome
   - Internationalization, this is in my opinion truely important to
     be able to input, render and output seamlessly any language
   - Keep the trust relationship in the Gnome project at an individual
     level. I can trust a person, not a name or a brand, though I will
     act toward keeping "Gnome" a trusted name.
   - Be strict about Licences, patents, IPR and related issues. For
     example I think the Board should have a rule of not allowing Non
     Disclosure Agreement when one person acts for the Foundation Board.
   - Keep the Board decision process as transparent as possible while
     still being efficient, this can be a real challenge in my experience.
   - Keep my independance while trying to guarantee that I will have
     dedicated time for this task.

  More personal informations:

   - Home page
   - George was shocked that I can drink tequila faster than him
   - I'm DV on IRC and nearly always connected on #gnome and LinuxNet


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