Candidacy - Kevin Knerr

I hereby throw my hat into the ring . . .

Who am I?
My name is Kevin D. Knerr, Sr. (aka Barthel aus Pennswald in SCA
circles, hence my net "handle"). I'm a 40 year old father of 3 teenagers
whose current work assignment is technical support for an ISP. My first
computer experience was in high school, using teletypes and acoustic
modems to time-share w/ Lehigh University. (Assignments were saved on
paper tape.) In college, I worked as a consultant for the Mathematics
department computer courses and experienced the joys of programming via
keypunch, then 110 baud DEC line-printers, and eventually the (then)
awesome technology of CRT dumb terminals. I'm a longtime Commodore
enthusiast, having served as Vice-President & Amiga SIG contact for
CUGSL (St. Louis, MO) and President of LVCCUG (Lehigh Valley, PA). I
spent 5 years as the Data Processing Manager of a small manufacturing
company, where I daily worked in a mix of DOS, Windows, Xenix, Amiga,
and HP-Unix systems. I've been running Linux exclusively at home since

My Commitment to GNOME
I've been keeping track of GNOME since the outset, although I didn't
convert to sole GNOME use until the 1.0 prereleases. I've been a minor
contributor in terms of code--a few themes, some sawfish lisplets, a few
bug reports and minor patches. No major projects--yet. Basically, I am a
GNOME *user*--I am a member of GNOME's "target audience". As such, my
vision is for GNOME to become the premiere desktop environment, not only
because it is free software (which in itself is a Good Thing), but
because it is easy and pleasant to use and because it helps people do
what they want and need to do with their computers.

Why should you elect me to the GNOME Foundation Board?
I believe in Free Software and the role GNOME plays in this community.
I believe, that in order to succeed in our vision, GNOME must be
accessible to ordinary users. Because we do not live in a free software
utopia, I believe it is important for GNOME to work well with commercial
software and the companies that produce it, without being co-opted by
them. If you believe these things as well, then I will be your voice on
the Board. I have a gift for administration. I have a gift for grasping
the big picture, for seeing interrelationships and the more obscure
consequences of change. I ask "stupid questions" that cut to the heart
of the matter, clarifying the issues so that better choices can be made.
If you believe those qualities would be valuable to the Board, then I am
someone you should consider including on your ballot.

Thank you.

   ld_barthel yahoo com |
       Organization: The Pennswald Group -- Linux powered!!

So simple, a child could do it. (Child sold separately.)

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