GNOME Foundation elections


The first-ever elections for the GNOME Foundation's Board of Directors
will be held November 1-8. The GNOME Foundation will coordinate GNOME
releases, speak on behalf of the GNOME project and more. See for the foundation's charter, an FAQ, a list
of registered voters, elections rules and more.

Anyone who has contributed in any way to GNOME is welcome to vote, but
first you must register. Register to vote by October 30 by sending email
to membership gnome org with your name, email address, and a short list
of how you contributed to GNOME. [eg: Havoc Pennington
<hp no_spam redhat com> (GConf, GTK+, gnome-libs, odd jobs)] Please
respect this format or you're going to drive Martin and Dan crazy!
People with CVS accounts can just add themselves to membership.txt in
the gnome-foundation module.

Everyone who is registered to vote can also announce their candidacy for
the election. There are 11 slots on the board, so the 11 candidates with
the highest number of votes will be elected. To announce your candidacy,
please check out the candidacy page. The deadline for submitting
candidacies is October 23.

The elections will run from November 1-8.


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