Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000

> Reiserfs is also journalled so should be ok, but if you get corruption on
> an ext3 partition you are ok. If it doesnt work out you can casually flip to
> ext2. You get corruption on a reiserfs file system (which yes shouldnt occur
> as its journalled) and you won't be getting anything back except off tape.

Backups should always be there anyways. :)

> I also still get a few 'it locked up' SMP reports with 2.2 reiserfs
> that stop when they use other file systems. So I (personally) don't quite
> trust it as far - although it probably would be faster than ext3.

I wouldn't trust any of the journalled filesystems till they have some
matured.  Resier has been around for what, one year or so?  Still if you
have to go to one, I'd trust the one that most people are using.

> > Why not ask someone in the advisory committee to see if their company
> > would donate something?  I'm sure Sun, VA Linux, and RedHat  could cough
> > up something thats enterprise worthy.
> Even if going IDE is both cheaper and faster ?

Well if it's donated it's definitely going to be cheaper.  As for faster
it depends on the equipment they get donated.  If you get  scsi RAID
it should do for most purposes.  You're only problem might be support
if something gets broken.  


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