Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000

On 29 Nov 2000 20:29:58 +0100, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>  - hosting
>   3 machines at a colocation near RH.
>    there have been occasionnal downtimes 2-3 weeks in average
>    some software seems to eat all resources and get it down
>    there is a couple of technical solutions:
>     + process limits
>     + getting hardware raid + LFS
>     + getting a serial <-> VGA
>    Problem is people commiting when not appropriate

I'm unclear as to what this last line means.

As well, should there be a "technical" committee overseeing the hardware
and such?


JP Rosevear                             jpr helixcode com
Helix Code Inc.               

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