Re: What is GNOME office?

Le 2000.11.15 15:08:52 +0100, Mike Kestner a écrit :
> Dick Porter wrote:
> > Surely "what is GNOME Office" should be "all GNOME applications that do
> > officey things". If we have more than one candidate for a particular
> role,
> > then include them all. Choice is good (particularly when they all
> interoperate)!
> Unfortunately, this thought process doesn't work well in the current
> GNOME corporate expansion.  Corporations that are considering investment
> into GNOME will want to know which application is the "official"
> component of GO, when two or more exist.  Companies need to assure that
> their payroll dollars are being invested in the most productive manner
> possible, and this means a single sanctioned suite in most cases. 

Do we start sacrifying projects because of $$$ ?


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