Re: Back up board members

hi ray,

interesting idea.  there's no provision for that, and it's too late to do that
at this time.

but we've tried to clearly articulate what the tasks are on, so that candidates should have a good understanding of
what they're signing up for.  Similarly, by reviewing what the board's tasks
are, and reading through each candidate's candidacy statement, voters should be
able to elect the right group of people.

if people resign from the board, the board can decide to either appoint a
replacement person, or decide to have elections to designate a replacement.


Ray Strode wrote:

> I have a question that sort of pertains to the elections.  Now I realize
> that I'm
> not as active as a lot of people in this list (I didn't even register to
> vote), but I
> figured this is kind of an important question.  Since the board is new, I
> feel
> that maybe some of the soon-to-be elected members may have false
> preconceptions of what the board is.  For this reason and for possible other
> unforseen reasons, I ask, Should voters vote for two or three backup
> members?  Thank you.
> --Ray Strode
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