Some friends and some people I'd like to meet in future ...

Hi guys,

Well, following the common practice, let me list a few friends, some
people which I met before and some people I'd like to meet in future.

* Bart Decrem: He did an excellent job in getting the foundation up
    and running; without him, we won't be where we are at the moment.

* Miguel de Icaza: Another very good friend of mime.

* George Lebl: Yet another good friend and the personification of the
    word "GNOME Hacker"; he's hacking on so many cool things that you
    can't even count them. It was really fun to meet him and the other
    Eazel guys in my summer holidays.

* Kjartan Maraas: He is coordinating the translation team and also
    a fried of mime which I'd like to see on the board.

* Elliot Lee: I never met him before, but he did an excellent job
    especially with making earlier GNOME releases and press annoucements
    and also one of the hackers who always helped me with this deep
    technical knowledge and his comments.

* John Heard: Before Eazel joined the GNOME Project, I was very concerned
    that this may not be good for GNOME. A few weeks later, I realized that
    I was mistaken as we all saw which great things Eazel did for GNOME and
    which great things Eazel is still doing for GNOME. They're our best
    friends now, it was really fun to meet you all this summer.

    So I don't want to make the same mistake with Sun again, but welcome
    them from the beginning on to let them become our friends in the same
    way Helix Code, Eazel, and all the other people are.

    John, I really want to meet you sometime, hopefully on the board :-)

* Havoc Pennington: One of the current leaders of the GNOME Project, it's
    pretty much clear to me that he'll win anyways so I don't need to write
    anything about him ....

* Maciej Stachowiak: Next time I meet him I really need to ask him how
    to pronounce his name :-)

* Jim Gettys: He was very active on the foundation-list and helped us a lot
    with his experience and knowledge, a real "must have" for the board :-)

* Bruce Perens: I don't know him yet, but from what I heart about him, he
    has a lot of experience and he also seems to be one of the "good guys"
    of the Open Source movement.

Hmm, did anyone say that you may only have up to ten friends ? I don't think
so ...

* Michael Meeks: "Hackers on the Board" :-)
    It's always fun to meet him and to talk with him about Bonobo ....

* Dan Mueth: Oh, my god, oh my god. I really have a very bad conscience
    because of him. He was so quickly processing membership requests, that
    I don't even had a change to read them and while I was hanging around
    in cinema, I left him do all the work. I owe him a bunch of beers next
    time I meet him :-)

* Federico Mena Quintero: Another hard-core evolution hacker and another
    good friend :-)

* Ariel Rios: Did I ever tell you that I _love_ guile and that I'm really
    looking forward to have a look at the recent gnome-guile and try it
    out :-)

* Joe Shaw: Yet another Helix monkey; it's always fun to meet these guys :-)

* Owen Taylor: Together with Tim Janik, he's maintaining GTK+, but he also
    does an execellent job with system administration :-)

* Kenneth Christiansen: He's organizing GUADEC II in Denmark, I'm looking
    forward to meet you next year :-)

Some other friends which I'm sad that they aren't running for the board:

* Mathieu Lacage: He's another very good friend of mine and he's also done
    an excellent job in organizing GUADEC this year and - together with
    Bertrand Guiheneuf - he also started the initiative to create the
    European GNOME Foundation before he left to the US to work for Eazel
    on this hyper-ultra-super-extra-cool thingie called Nautilus :-)

    Unfortunately, he seems to be very disappointed by some recent happenings
    in the project which made him very pissed and annoyed.

    Mathieu, I'm really sad that you aren't running for the board this year,
    you have done so many excellent things for the project and we really don't
    want to see you leave. Let's hope that you overcome your sad feelings soon
    and have fun to hack on GNOME again.

Well, this is really not an award-winning show here, but these people aren't
running for the board anyways, so ....

* Tim Ney: He's working for the FSF and he also helped a lot to raise funds,
    to run booths, .... :-)

* Matthias Warkus: He's still going to school and he doesn't have much time
    to work on GNOME at the moment, but he's also done excellent things for
    the project, for instance all his icon work or all the marketing he does
    for GNOME in Germany. He also helped me a lot at the LinuxTag booth in

* Jens Finke: Without him, GNOME in Germany almost won't exist. He helped me
    to run the GNOME booth at the three biggest and most important shows here
    and he was doing all this in his spare time :-)

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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