Re: Some people I once met ...

Michael Meeks <michael helixcode com> writes:

> Hi Maciej,
> On 2 Nov 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > I've snipped the other strange and inappropriate personal attacks.
> 	Doh; doh doh doh. I didn't see any of these when I wrote it; but
> wait perhaps you were offended by the 'blatant demagoguery' joke. That
> would be rather odd though, since you ( humourously ) accused me of this
> on gnome-hackers only the other day ( hence the quotes :-) [ I remember
> having to look up your long word to my shame <sigh> ].

No, I thought that part was vaguely amusing.

> 	So, well I can only apologise, if you would accept ? 

Accepted and forgiven.

> but I'm confused. Perhaps I'm just a strange and inappropriate
> personal attacker; it's probably congenital :-) then again I've been
> up for ~34 hours so perhaps I am not seeing something.

I've only been up for 28 hours so far. But I do still know what day it
is. :-)



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