Re: polarization (Was :Eleven good candidates)

Chema Celorio wrote:
> Ali Abdin wrote:
> [....]
> > Now I think we might see some polarization (where people go and vote for
> > somebodyt just because they trust the judgement of the GNOME hackers)
> I agree with you Ali.
> I think it was somewhat ditstatefull that Owen, Havoc & Maciej came up
> with "Here is my list". It is not the same to saying "Vote for Foo
> Smith,
> he has this and that abilities and would make a good board member"
> Talk about polarization ...
> Owen's 11 candidates are in Havoc's List [*1]
> Maciej's 11 candidates are in Havoc's List
> Maciej's and Owen's lists share 10 candidates between them. [*2]

And what if these people were actually the 10 best ?!

For most Gnome users (except the few Debian/PPC ones), I represent
absolutely nobody, but your mail just gave me the occasion to through my
thoughts together and announce my list:

* Havoc Pennington: he has written a book, and a good one. That and he
is answering nearly every not too stupid question on gtk-devel, always
explaining very well. I think he can do the same on the board.

* Tuomas Kuosmanen: a hacker, not the Havoc or Owen kind of hacker, but
he is really sharing very much of his work and knowledge. Just look at
the emulation he produces in the Linux artist community.

* Federico Mena Quintero: he just wants too much perfection... I like

* Daniel Veillard: his experience on the W3C and his work on integrating
things like XML in Gnome make him _the_ person to have on the board to
make of Gnome the best Internet desktop. All the standards Linux and
*BSD are built on come from the IETF or the W3C.

* Martin Baulig: As he is affiliated to SuSE, were a number of KDE
developers work, he is a good person to keep the communication and
cooperation between the projects as good as possible.

* Bertrand Guiheneuf: Organized the Gnome developer meeting in Paris
last year, and works for Henzai, that I qualified as "Gnome on
palmtops". It's obviously more than that but quite different from the
rest of the people that want Gnome on the desktop.

* Ralph Levien: Advogato, he is one. His work on Ghostscript and SVG is
bringing Gnome to the printer, which is needed for the desktop, isn't it

* Owen Taylor: his work on Pango, and his knowledge of foreign languages
will give us the best internationalized desktop.

* Miguel: if I need to spell out his complet name, I wonder what you're
doing reading this. 'nuf said.

OK, so that's nine people. I don't plan to vote for more people,
although I'll read very carefully all the mails on the foundation-list,
you might be able to make me change my mind.

Have fun picking your own list.
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