Re: Some comments


Jim Gettys wrote:
> So a vendor would like to keep it secret until announcement, but also need
> comments for their press release.  Right now, this means that at best there
> are approaches to individuals, which I think is a much worse situation
> than to a board (which may involved.
> Solution: limited confidentiality...
> This kind of thing has come up again and again over the history of X (there
> were large donations by various vendors, including the X11 sample server
> in the first place by Digital), and will with Gnome, and is coming up
> with Apache.

Hmmm, I am curious : How did this work out with X? Did they have
some guidelines there on this sort of confidentiality issues?

> So there are times confidentiality is needed, and I'm skeptical of how
> far in advance you can forsee the circumstances.

Well, you don't have to specify very restrictive limits, but there
probably be some predefined limits and some way for foundation members
to request insight into confidential notes in extreme cases I think.

Almer S. Tigelaar

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