Re: release issues writes:

> Here are some of the issues that I see coming up with respect to
> putting together releases:
> 1.  How is it decided what packages are to be included in a release?
> 2.  How is it decided what version of a package is to be included in a 
> release?
> 3.  May the maintainer of a package refuse to allow a release to
> include that package, and if so, under what conditions?
> 4.  How are package maintainers selected?  Replaced?
> 5.  Who has the authority to resolve conflicts between the wishes of
> the maintainers of different packages?  What means may be used to
> resolve such conflicts?
> 6.  Who holds the copyright on a release?
> Answers to these questions should be decided upon.

Actually, I don't think all these questions need to be answered by the
bylaws at all. The bylaws only need to provide a framework that allows
us to make the decisions. Coding too much policy into the bylaws makes
for inflexible structures that have trouble evolving. I think it's
enough to say the board is responsible for figuring out release policy
(in practice they will likely appoint release coordinators who will
build consensus, etc). Also, some of the particular questions you
raised have traditionally been left up to individual module

 - Maciej

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