Re: Fwd: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

Miguel de Icaza <> writes: 
> I scanned my gnome-hackers folder and my steercom folder, and I do not
> see anything there pointing out:
> 	1. That the foundation-list was going to be closed.
> 	2. That the foundation-list was going to be kept private.
> 	3. Any discussion at all about the closedness of it on
>            anything remotely visible.  I did a subject search, and a
>            body search for both folders.

The thread is called "notes from meeting." I proposed the following:

  We can get the list set up, no problem. Are we ready to go public
  immediately? Should the list be invitation-only or open? (I think it
  should likely be invitation-only with all gnome-hackers subscribers
  automatically approved, if it's a totally public list it will have
  very low signal-to-noise.)

  If there are no objections, we'll set up the list and announce it on
  gnome-hackers today. Potentially we should wait until after the call
  on Wednesday though.

Bart and Maciej followed up and agreed, no one else objected. At some
later time (perhaps privately) I discussed it with someone and decided
that it would be easier to allow anyone to subscribe, but only
announce on gnome-hackers - this was so I wouldn't have to moderate
all the subscriptions. But now I've gone back to moderating all the
subscriptions per the original proposal because Nat announced the list
on gnome-list.

It's unfortunate that you missed this message, but since you did, you
should try to convince the other GNOME contributors to change the
policy, because I am really not willing to unilaterally change it
after this prior decision was made.

OK? It's out of my hands. If you can get a consensus to change it,
then I'm happy to do so.


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